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Not only diamonds are forever. Coins and banknotes also represent values that last for a very long time. In Schoeller Münzhandel’s product range, you can find the best of them – also online, of course! The emphasis of our product range is on investment values, newly issued collector coins and numismatics (i.e. the purchase and sale of historic coins and banknotes). As one of the most significant companies dealing in coins and precious metals in Central Europe, Schoeller Münzhandel is active in 40 countries including Austria, Germany as well as Eastern and South Eastern Europe (CESEE region).

Owned by the Austrian Mint (Münze Österreich AG) since 2005, we focus on highest quality and total reliability for our customers. A highly skilled team headed by Mag. Gernot Maier and Mag. Gustav Mayer offers collectors and investors a world of values – also here in our Schoeller online store!

Ideal for Investors and Collectors!

For investor portfolios, on the one hand, we recommend the most important forms of precious metals, from gold to silver and platinum to palladium. Our product range includes bars as well as bullion coins from leading mints all over the world. Especially in times of economic uncertainty, the consistent developments in this segment are a great benefit.

On the other hand, a wide variety of subject areas makes Schoeller Münzhandel the perfect place for collectors who want to enjoy the beautiful and precious things in life. From historic coins and banknotes to the latest minting techniques, we have something to cater for every taste. You may wish to focus on rare coins from specific regions such as Africa or Asia. Or you can collect certain subject areas – such as coins for significant anniversaries, original special shapes or precious coin sets.

Whichever area you choose: You can find all the latest highlights at Schoeller Münzhandel on our website. In our world of values, reliable advice is our top priority, and we are therefore happy to assist you and answer all your detailed questions. For professional coin trade online, contact one of our numismatics experts.